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Rumour – NFC chip spotted in leaked iPhone 5 shots

The latest batch of purported iPhone 5 spy photos feature a mysterious chip – could it be NFC?

A new collection of leaked shots of what is reportedly the Apple iPhone 5 have emerged, and if genuine they suggest that, as so often predicted, the phone will sport an NFC chip for easy mobile payments and the like.

Chinese site Apple.pro posted the shots, which purportedly show the front plate innards of the smartphone. Visible is the home button (in the same place as on all previous iPhones), a front-facing camera… and a mysterious square chip in the upper right. While there are no markings on it to reveal its purpose, the dimensions fit snugly with currently available NFC chips such as the 5mm x 5mm NXP model.

With the iPhone 5 announcement seemingly just days away, we’ll find out if NFC really is on the feature list before too long.

[via AppleInsider]

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