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Sony PlayStation 4 to get Gaikai game streaming?

PS4 will get backwards compatibility via the Sony-owned, OnLive-style Gaikai service, says Wall Street Journal

The PlayStation 4 won’t be backwards compatible with existing PS3 games via a Blu-ray drive – but will apparently support OnLive-style game streaming instead.

That’s according to a report by the Wall Street Journal, which claims the console will make PS3 titles and other games available via cloud gaming service Gaikai (bought by Sony last year for US$380 million).

It’s long been predicted that Sony and Microsoft would go down the cloud gaming route for their next generation consoles. One thing that could rankle with PS3 owners: this might mean you have to pay for games you already own if you want to play them on your new console.

Sony is pulling the wrappers off the PS4 at an event on 20th February. Yes, that’s this Wednesday; we’ll be there to report on all the goings-on.

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