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Sony PlayStation 4 gets its first major update

Got a PS4? Download the 1.70 firmware now for a bunch of new features

Sony has released its 1.70 firmware update for the PlayStation 4 – the first big upgrade for the console since its launch.

The update, which can be downloaded now, adds a number of new features, most notably ShareFactory, a Sony-developed app that allows gamers to create, edit and share movies from gameplay footage.

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It also enables adjustment of the DualShock 4 controller’s light bar, which can now be toggled between bright, medium and dim in the settings menu. The controller’s touchpad can now be used to navigate the PS4’s on-screen keyboard, too.

The update allows users to disable HDCP encryption for the PS4’s HDMI output, which means video can be captured by external devices unscrambled. Finally, it adds support for automatic pre-downloads of selected games that have been pre-ordered by the user (Ubisoft’s upcoming Watch_Dogs will be the first title to work with this feature).

[Via Eurogamer]