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Sony shows off PlayStation VR2 design

Sony's next-gen PSVR design revealed

Sony has revealed the outline design of its upcoming PlayStation VR2 headset, designed for PlayStation 5.

The headset’s name was first revealed at CES 2022 last month. Now Sony has chosen to seed us with a little bit more information in terms of a sneak peek of the design, to get us excited and, presumably, to head off the leaks that seem to spoil every big tech launch these days.

We already knew that the new headset would have OLED displays roughly twice as sharp as the original PlayStation VR with a 2000×2040 pixel resolution per eye plus with support 4K HDR video including frame rates of 90-120Hz. There will also be new Sense tech features including headset feedback and a single-cord setup.

The PS VR2 headset has a similar shape as the PS VR2 Sense controller, with a matching “orb” look to represent the 360 degree view, according to Sony. And it clearly takes on the design language of the PS5, too.

Sony says that some features such as the adjustable scope and placement of the stereo headphone jack also remain the same, so players will be familiar with it.

There are new features such as a lens adjustment dial to move the lenses to match the distance between the eyes while the design is slimmer than the PSVR offered overall.

There’s a new vent design to let air out for better ventilation and to reduce fogging, while there are some fun details such as thousands of tiny PlayStation symbols similar to the PS5 console and DualSense controller for a more comfortable feel.

Horizon Call of the Mountain will be the first title heading to PS VR2. Expect more details in the summer. Development versions of the VR2 are already in the hands of other developers, too.