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“TV from Sky” on-demand app arrives on PlayStation 4

It’s Sky Go by another name, and it’s also coming to the PS3 in early 2015

The Sony PlayStation 4 has finally got its long-promised Sky Go app, except it’s not actually called Sky Go.

Named “TV from Sky”, the free app allows Sky TV customers with Sky Go Extra to sign in with their ID, register their PS4 as one of their four Sky Go devices and then access on-demand and live Sky programming. So it’s Sky Go in everything but name.

PS3 joining the party next year

Sky Go Extra costs regular Sky users £5 per month, and is available free-of-charge to Sky Multiscreen customers.

And any PS3 users feeling miffed that the app hasn’t arrived on their console yet should take heart: Sky and Sony Computer Entertainment say that the PS3 app is on course for release in “early 2015”.