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UPDATE: Nvidia PhysX and APEX graphics come to PS4

Next level graphics for better destructible environments and clothes that interact with characters will arrive with the PS4

UPDATE: Many of you asked why the PS4, which is AMD based, has NVIDIA PhysX support? We asked NVIDIA and this is their response:

“NVIDIA has worked with developers across generations of consoles and of course the PC. The PhysX console SDK runs on the CPU. Certain features, for example particle systems and clothing can be accelerated on CUDA capable GPUs which is why you see the most impressive features on the PC but we continue to work extensively with developers and the community to ensure PhysX acceleration on all architectures. Having PhysX and APEX on the PS4 will simply give developers the best tools to create incredible games.”

Nvidia has officially announced that its PhysX and APEX graphics systems will be coming with the PlayStation 4.

PhysX and APEX – they’re just letters to me, we hear you say. What this physics software means is better collision detection, destructible objects, improved simulation of rigid bodies, plus better clothing, fluids, gases and other particle systems. The clothing on a character’s body will be able to interact and move as a separate layer to the person underneath.

SDK development kits for NVIDIA PhysX and NVIDIA APEX are available now so expect these eye-watering graphics to arrive with the first PS4 titles when it launches later this year.

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