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Upcoming Windows 11 update finally introduces Android apps

After feature was announced at the Windows 11 launch in October 2021

When Microsoft first announced Windows 11 last year, one of the most exciting new features was the ability to run Android apps on Windows. But the feature was nowhere to be seen in Windows 11… until now.

Microsoft has just released the February 2022 update to Windows 11 in preview, bringing with it the ability to use Android apps. You’ll have to enrol in the Windows public preview to get the update now, or you can wait for the general release in the near future. However, the feature is only available in the US at present.

With the new feature, you can download Android apps to your Windows device through the Amazon Appstore. What’s more, the store has been baked directly into the normal Windows Store, so you can download these apps with relative ease.

The apps run in their standard screen size for Android, which makes them perfect for multitasking. Be aware that since this is a preview, the feature might not work as well as you’d expect from the final software update.

Also included in the update are some tweaks to other apps and elements in Windows 11. The Taskbar is getting a new mute/unmute button, and a “Share this window” option you can use to share your screen in Teams. You’ll also find a weather section on the taskbar, and the clock in the taskbar on a second monitor (at long last!).

Notepad and Media Player have also been redesigned. Gone are the traditional looks we’re used to, and they’ve been replaced with a Windows 11-style design.

This is the first major update to Windows 11 since its release, so it’s interesting to see what Microsoft has included. The Taskbar changes and redesigned apps are nice to have, but what we’re really excited about is the ability to use Android apps.