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Xbox Infinity console leaked

It looks like the new Xbox name has been inadvertently revealed – is it coming soon?

Microsoft bought the web domain Xbox8.com recently. And now a new logo has slipped online from a dev unit called Xbox Infinity. Yup the symbol, side-on, looks like Xbox8. Is Microsoft’s next-gen console, the Xbox Infinity, on its way?

This comes just as we’re gearing up for the near certain Sony PS4 launch in 24-hours. After Sony said it would let Microsoft go first in the next-gen console wars it’s starting to look like a bluff.

With rumours pointing to an E3 release of the Xbox, we’re now starting to think it may come sooner to keep up with the PS4. But with Illumiroom and the Kinect 2.0 still in development that may just be wishful thinking.

Bungie’s Destiny – which seems like the ideal launch partner for this console – needs always connected hardware. Guess which console’s rumoured to have that? Yup, the Xbox Infinity – hence the name perhaps? Oh and that game isn’t due out until next year. By then will the PS4 stand up to the Xbox?

[via Geektyrant]

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