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MSI has a whole host of true next-gen gaming laptops to show you

MSI's gaming laptops make 4K gaming on-the-go with advanced effects like ray tracing a reality

MSI gaming laptops

Did you miss it? The gaming laptop revolution that’s happening under your nose? You see, we’re just starting to see laptops with Nvidia’s RTX 40 series laptop GPUs appear. 

They make 4K gaming on-the-go with advanced effects like ray tracing a reality. And MSI is first out of the gate with not just a family of the things, but a seven-line dynasty that mines just about every laptop gaming angle out there. Huge and powerful, slim and portable, eye-catching as gaming laptops get — the lot. 

We’re going to take a quick tour through all seven. MSI also offers a $50 Steam voucher as part of its Early Bird promotion for the most snappy of shoppers, plus an additional $50 for those who leave a review at the respective retailer. It’s a great way to get tooled up with titles that will really test what an Nvidia RTX 40 series card can do. 

MSI Titan GT 

MSI gaming laptops

First up is the MSI Titan GT. Were money no object, this would be our first pick every time. It offers an incredible ultra-bright 17.3-inch 144Hz miniLED screen with 4K resolution, a processor that can be specced all the way up to Intel’s 13th Gen Core i9 HX. And, of course, the option of one of Nvidia’s incredible RTX 4090 graphics cards. 

All of this fits into a shell only 23mm thick, while the big booty exhaust section around the back stops heat generated from impacting performance. We’re also huge fans of the Cherry MX Low Profile mechanical keyboard MSI uses here — you get peerless input feedback with one of these. However, with prices starting at £5299 this one isn’t for everyone. Next!

MSI Raider GE

MSI gaming laptops

MSI’s Raider GE series is still available with graphics cards up to the Nvidia RTX 4090 but trims down the footprint with a “brand new luxury design.” It’s a highly customisable one too, thanks to MSI’s amazing Mystic Light RGB system. A triple-layer light strip runs across the entire length of the laptop’s front edge, and it can be set to display near-limitless patterns of colours from its 16.8-million tones. 

The keyboard has per-key lighting, as you’d expect, but the entire surface of the WASD keys also lights up thanks to their translucent caps. Style and power combined, the MSI Raider GE is a true statement gaming laptop. This series starts at £2199. 

MSI Vector GP

MSI gaming laptops

Next up is the 17.3-inch MSI Vector GP, which is designed to evoke “the beauty of science.” What does that mean? Well, we can certainly picture this laptop crunching numbers in a science lab, with its serious all-black exterior. When you’re ready to game, just engage the SteelSeries RGB keyboard to shake yourself out of work mode. 

This series is available with GPUs up to the Nvidia RTX 4070 laptop GPU and starts at £1999.

MSI Stealth series

MSI gaming laptops

It’s time for a gear change, and MSI’s Stealth represents a slightly different approach. This laptop is available with the top-tier Nvidia RTX 4080 laptop GPU but is a miraculous 20.1mm to 20.8mm thick. 

MSI used a “triple S” strategy in this design — slim, sharp, and stylish. We can picture them in the hands of designers, architects or digital artists who like nothing more than to unwind with a game after work. This series is available in 17in, 16in and 15in sizes, and starts at £1799. 

MSI Pulse and Katana

MSI gaming laptops

The Pulse takes MSI’s Nvidia RTX 40 series gaming laptops in an altogether more sci-fi direction, with bold logo artwork on the lid and a honeycomb battery air grille on the underside. It still has a 17.3-inch screen and powerful internals including up to the Nvidia RTX 4070 laptop GPU. However, with a starting price of £1699 we are beginning to look at models suitable for the value-led gamer. 

MSI’s Katana series is a regular recommendation for just that sort of buyer. However, it’s no basic build, with craftsmanship inspired by the creation of a legendary “dragon blade” sword. Hence the name. It’s a 17.3-inch laptop available with CPUs up to the Intel i7-13620H and GPUs up to the Nvidia RTX 4060 laptop GPU. A four-zone keyboard backlight adds visual punch, with extra vibrancy for the WASD buttons. The Katana series starts at £1499. 

MSI Cyborg

MSI gaming laptops

Finally, we have a brand-new-for-2023 series from MSI, the Cyborg. This uses select translucent body panels to give you a glimpse into the inner workings of your gaming laptop. 

It’s slim and light too at under 2kg and 22.9mm thick. With GPUs of up to the RTX 4060 laptop GPU and prices starting at £1249, this new family is sure to earn MSI scores of new fans. 

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