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Yamaha MusicCast Surround puts you in the centre of the action – no cables required

This new wireless surround sound tech takes the mess out of immersive movie, music and game audio

Think setting up a surround sound system is complicated or messy? Yamaha MusicCast Surround is here to prove otherwise.

Between TV streaming services, cable or satellite TV, Blu-rays and games consoles, we’re absolutely awash with audio-visual entertainment these days – and a big part of the impact provided by movies, TV shows and games comes from surround sound.

By arranging speakers around the room, surround sound brings whatever’s on screen to life and enhances immersion by putting the viewer in the centre of a multi-directional soundstage. In short: if you’re not getting your audio from all angles, you’re missing out on a key part of the home cinema equation.

You may assume a surround setup involves metres of wiring for those rear speakers – an unwanted tangle of cable spaghetti that either messes up your pristine living room or requires extensive remodelling to hide away – but thanks to Yamaha MusicCast Surround that’s no longer the case. MusicCast Surround lets you use Yamaha’s MusicCast-enabled AVRs, soundbars and latest streaming speakers to create a fuss-free soundstage with wireless rear channels.

The MusicCast Surround system’s beauty lies in its flexibility. You can use a pair of MusicCast 20s or MusicCast 50s as your wireless rear channels if you wish, but if your available space or budget is limited you could opt for a single MusicCast 50 to do the job instead – as a stereo speaker, it can provide both the left and right rear channels on its own.

You can also bolster your setup’s low-end response by adding the MusicCast SUB 100, a wireless subwoofer that provides the sort of deep bass rumble that’s perfect for underpinning blockbuster action sequences.

Because the front channels can be handled by a single soundbar rather than a duo or trio of separate speakers and an AVR, the entire surround system can consist of as few as two speakers from the get-go – but also leave you with the scope for expanding at a later date.

You could start with a soundbar and single MusicCast 50, then later upgrade to an AVR and a pair of MusicCast 20s to provide the rear wireless audio, and add a wireless subwoofer, too. All Yamaha’s AVRs released since 2018 offer MusicCast Surround support, which means Dolby Atmos capability can be added too. And with the MusicCast family growing all the time, there’ll be an even greater range of options in the future.

And thanks to the MusicCast mobile app, even the setup process is simple. The app features step-by-step instructions to help you create the wireless links between your products, as well as letting you adjust speaker parameters and levels to perfectly optimise the audio for your room size, seating positions and speaker distances.

So there you have it: immersive and fully upgradeable home cinema audio without the hassle, thanks to Yamaha MusicCast Surround. For more info, head to the Yamaha website.

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