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Best MagSafe accessories 2023: magnetic add-ons for your iPhone

Stick it to your smartphone

best MagSafe accessories featuring Joby GripTight Anker 622 and PopSockets

Want peripherals that cling to the back of your iPhone – still one of the best smartphones on sale today – without a tube of superglue? Stick with this list of the best MagSafe accessories instead. From wallets to wireless chargers, the round-up below features our pick of the best magnetic mods for your mobile – no adhesive necessary.

Introduced with the iPhone 12, MagSafe is a ring of mini magnets built into the back of Apple’s latest smartphones. It snaps compatible accessories securely into place, perfectly aligning with the charging coil inside. Desktop or dashboard, MagSafe makes docking a drop-and-go doddle. It also means you can fit all kinds of kit to the back of your blower, without the hassle of clamps or sticky strips. Moved by the magic of magnets? Feel the force of attraction with the best MagSafe gear below.

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1. Anker 622 MagGo Magnetic Battery

Regularly reaching the limit of your iPhone’s “all-day” battery life? Adding a backup pack to the back is a no-brainer – especially when it feeds your phone in situ. Trouble is, Apple’s own MagSafe Battery Pack lacks the fuel to fully fill an iPhone 13. For a second cell that brims the tank, try this Anker attachment. Slim at 12.5mm, its 5000mAh capacity can add up to 17 hours to your iPhone’s endurance. The 7.5W wireless charging output is half the speed of Apple’s faster 15W power bank, but it trumps the Cupertino cling-on by also serving as a handy kickstand.

Decoded MagSafe Card Stand Sleeve

Apple Pay is already on the way to making your credit cards redundant, but you’ll always need somewhere to stash your library membership. This low-profile leather wallet lets you stash your paperback pass in understated style. Hewn from full-grain leather, it cuts a dash while attached to the back of your iPhone. Skipped a chapter before book club? The sleeve doubles up as a streamlined stand, so you can watch TV adaptations at just the right angle. Pair it with one of Decoded’s MagSafe-compatible iPhone cases for a cowskin combo that’s sure to be the envy of your reading circle.

2. Joby GripTight Tripod Mount for MagSafe

From fresh angles to friend-free shooting, tripods can take your TikTok content up a notch. Want a way to quickly switch from hand to stand? Pop this MagSafe mount on top of a tripod. Integrated magnets mean you can quickly stick your iPhone to the circular back plate, then grab it and go as your video demands. Twisting clamp jaws give you the option of additional security, while a pair of integrated ¼in screw threads let you easily augment your mobile shooting setup. Attach it to an existing set of legs or pair it with a Gorillpod for peak flexibility.

3. Native Union Snap 2-in-1 Wireless Charger

Your iPhone might seem too small to serve as a second screen, but stick it to this desktop pedestal and you’ve got the perfect setup for surreptitious streaming. Streamlined by design, the zinc alloy stem can support your smartphone in portrait or landscape, while the angle of the magnetic disc is adjustable to suit your view. Beside boosting your blower’s battery with 7.5W power, it’ll also wirelessly charge a pair of AirPods placed on the weighted base. So phone and ‘phones will be fuelled for binge-watching below the boss’ radar.

4. PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe

MagSafe might let you lock your iPhone to compatible attachments, but unless you’re made of ferrous metal, it won’t secure your smartphone to your paw. For one-handed grip with a magnetic twist, slap this handle on the back of your blower. Stuck in place, it gives your digits something to get behind. And because there’s no adhesive involved, it detaches easily when your phone needs cordless current. Shipped in a range of styles, keep it understated with a one-colour look or go wild with a custom get-up. Iron Man, anyone?

5. Belkin Fitness Mount with MagSafe

Displaying your health data. Syncing with a heart rate monitor. Streaming TV shows to distract you from the workout burn. Your iPhone has all the skills to serve as your personal trainer. Trouble is, your sweaty paws aren’t the safest place for a smartphone. Enter Belkin’s Fitness Mount: magnetised front and back, it locks onto your iPhone and indoor gym equipment. Can’t find a flat surface? From rowing machines to exercise bikes, a bundled strap attachment also secures it on rounded bars. Plus an adjustable ball joint below the MagSafe mount means you can tweak its position while you pedal.

6. Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

Magnetic fields might be invisible without a bag of iron filings, but at least this transparent case reveals the secret of MagSafe. Crafted from clear polycarbonate, it benefits from a scratch-resistant coating which shows the original shade of your smartphone’s skin – if not the forces at work beneath it. Designed to protect your iPhone without compromising its attractive abilities, the white ring on the rear aligns with the magnets inside your iPhone, so you can attach and charge like it’s as naked as it looks.

7. Mous MagSafe Compatible Charging Suction Mount

From windscreens to kitchen walls, there are all sorts of surfaces where your iPhone could be usefully stuck. Whether for culinary direction or cul-de-sac directions, this suction mount makes it a cinch to position your mobile. A vacuum cup sucks the base securely onto glass, tiles or pretty much any smooth surface. The adjustable MagSafe head then uses 34 magnets to hold your iPhone in portrait or landscape, while the integrated charging coil boosts its battery. There’s also a cordless version which doesn’t deliver electrons – ideal for the bathroom mirror.

8. ESR HaloLock Kickstand Wireless Charger

Like Apple’s official MagSafe charger, this compact puck pops onto the back of your iPhone for refuelling. Unlike Apple’s charger, the HaloLock also features a flip-out kicker for hands-free standing. Nippier than the original, it can fill your phone’s tank in 2.5 hours (when paired with a 20W wall plug). And because it uses a removable USB-C cable, you can hook it up to longer cords – or stash the circle in your satchel and borrow a lead as needs be.

9. Moment Mobile Filmmaker Cage for MagSafe

You don’t need to be Linda H to know that great things can be shot on iPhone. And if you’re serious about smartphone cinematography, this MagSafe rig will add massive versatility to your recording setup. Machined from lightweight aluminium, (M)Force magnets in the main mount mean you can instantly and securely install your iPhone. Besides allowing you to capture creative angles, two cold shoe mounts and multiple attachment points allow you to equip it with all manner of shooting accessories, from mics to lights to handles. Integrated cable management slots also ensure your frames will be free from wayward wires.

10. Nomad Base One

Premium materials won’t charge your smartphone faster, but they will make your iPhone feel special. And if it’s superior power you’re after, you’ll find few plinths prettier than this Nomad number. Crafted from classy metal and glass, the weighty Base One is topped by a MagSafe pad that stands proud to allow for camera bumps. Because its MFi certified, you get 15W speeds to match Apple’s own wireless charger. Don’t want your Apple Watch getting jealous? Opt for the Base One Max to include your ticker in the top-end treatment.

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