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The Premier League on Amazon Prime: upcoming fixtures and how to watch for free

'Tis the season for Premier League football

Premier League on Amazon Prime

The dust has almost settled on the 2022 World Cup. It’s been a tournament of shocks, upsets and underdogs (for a while, at least). There have been laughs, tears (Ronaldo), missed penalties we never want to see again, and everyone supports Morocco now.

Eight days will have passed between the World Cup ending and Boxing Day. Frankly, that’s far too long without football. Amazon Prime members are in for a treat, then, as the Premier League returns this Boxing Day at no extra cost to Prime members.

Following the Premier League can feel like a constant struggle, and we’re not talking about the end result. Once, all games could be viewed on, dare we say it, a single subscription. Now, a number of services vie for the 12-24 month contracts of the average football fan.

UK broadcast rights will be worth £5 billion between 2022 and 2025, says The Athletic, so it’s little wonder why so many want in on the action. Sky Sports (£18 per month for over 400 games) and BT Sport (£16-41 per month) are the UK’s two major Premier League players. In 2018, though, Amazon bought the rights to air 20 games throughout the season, a deal which runs until 2025.

Which fixtures will be shown on Prime?

Premier League games are available for Prime members in the UK, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. Nine of those games took place in October. Another 11 will air from today, Boxing Day 2022.

At 12:30, Brentford take on Tottenham Hotspur. 15:00 sees Crystal Palace kick off against Fulham, Everton v Wolves, Leicester City v Newcastle United and Southampton v Brighton & Hove Albion. At 17:30, Aston Villa go up against Liverpool, and Arsenal v West Ham United rounds off the evening at 20:00.

On the 27th, a struggling Chelsea face AFC Bournemouth at 17:30, and Man Utd play Nottingham Forest at 20:00. Leeds United v Man City is the only game airing on Wednesday 28th December. In 2023, the postponed Arsenal v Man City match will kick off at 19.30 on 15th February.

How can I watch?

The Prime Video app will host all matches under its ‘live and upcoming events’ option.

Alternatively, a link can be found by navigating from the Amazon homepage to Prime Video, where ‘live and upcoming events’ will be available. Searching for ‘Premier League’ on the Prime Video app or Amazon homepage will also do the job.

How much does it cost?

Nothing, sort of. Current Prime account holders can watch this week’s fixtures at no extra cost. For non-Prime customers, a monthly membership costs £7.99, or £79 for the year, which includes access to free next-day deliveries and exclusive Amazon shows.

For those who’ve never shelled out for premium Amazon or have an email address that hasn’t been linked to an Amazon account, then all games are available to watch as part of a handy 30-day free trial.

What can I watch it on?

Whether planning to watch at home or ignore daily responsibilities on the move, Premier League matches on Prime are essentially available on every single device imaginable. Sorry, Xbox 360 or pre-2014 Roku enthusiasts.

Sport is supported on Amazon Fire TV, Fire tablet and on over 650 connected devices via the Prime Video app. Sport is also compatible with set top boxes and media players, such as Google Chromecast and BT TV, Sky Q, NOW TV and Apple TV, smart TVs and phones running iOS and Android.