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What beard type are you? A beard-trimming guide for achieving the best facial hair

Our handy guide tells you which beard type best suits your face shape and how to create it using Wahl’s latest grooming tech

Whether you’re new to the world of facial hair or you’ve been rocking a beard for donkeys’ years, there’s never a bad time to try something new. Not sure where to start or which style is best suited to you? Well, it all comes down to your face shape – and we’ve put together a handy guide of different beard styles to help you decide. 

For the following beard styles, we recommend using a Wahl trimmer from its Stainless Steel range. Wahl’s products are not only high quality but are used by professional barbers around the world.

So, if you’re looking to take your beard to the next level or want to try a new style of facial hair altogether then look no further: here are the best beard styles according to your face shape…

Beards for oval-shaped faces

Those with a more oval-shaped face are lucky in that they have a face shape that can sport just about any beard type. 

Recommended beard style: The Tight beard

This is a beard that gives your face some definition and character, but it requires plenty of attention as you grow it.

Gadget of choice: Wahl Stainless Steel Stubble & Beard trimmer 

How to achieve this look

Let your facial hair grow for 1-2 weeks until you’ve got a good amount of hair growth. Use your trimmer to create a hairline halfway between your jawline and cheekbones, trim down the hair growing up toward the cheekbones and shave the neck to create a defined line underneath the chin. Pro tip: try to keep moustache hair and hair around the chin the same length as the sides. 

Beards for round-shaped faces 

If you have a face that’s more rounded in shape, you should opt for a beard style that elongates your face for a slimming effect.

Recommended beard style: The Balbo

This beard type offers some good coverage but by angling a shave along your cheekbones and leaving the hair fuller on your chin, it gives off a cleaner, more sophisticated look. Is also extra suave-looking with the addition of a Handlebar moustache.

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How to achieve this look

Completely shave your cheeks leaving the area of facial hair below this to grow. Creating a border where your neck meets your chin by shaving everything below this. Let the hair grow and extend 3 inches from both sides of your chin. Shave the rest clean. And finally, with your trimmer, create a rectangular strip of hair from your chin to your bottom lip. As for the moustache, let this grow for 3-4 weeks.

Beards for square and rectangle-shaped faces 

Facial hair that best suits more square or rectangular faces should look to take advantage of your features by emphasising the jawline.  

Recommended beard style: The Chin Curtain

This beard style gives a refined look by draping the jawline and chin with a light layer of hair to accentuate them without concealing them. 

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How to achieve this look

Shave your cheeks clean and while doing so, try and sculpt a sloping and continuous hairline that starts at the sideburns and runs down to the jawline, continuing to the chin. Shave off any moustache and get rid of all hair below the bottom lip. Even out any stray whiskers without turning them to stubble. 

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