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ShiftCam’s new SnapGrip turns your phone into a proper camera (sort of)

If you’re looking to add a little spice to your phone’s shooting capabilities then there’s no shortage of accessories out there promising to do just that. The latest of these (and one of the more interesting ones to have landed in our inbox), comes courtesy of ShiftCam.

The SnapGrip, as it’s called, consists of a rather handsome, chunky DSLR-like grip which easily snaps onto the back of MagSafe compatible iPhones, or practically any other handset courtesy of an adhesive magnetic ring. The latter can be stuck to the rear of your device of choice.

The grip itself goes beyond simple comfort. Thanks to a built-in Bluetooth shutter button, you can easily snap pics or start recording without relying on finicky touchscreen buttons, while a built-in 3200mAh battery handily tops up your handset if it happens to support wireless charging.

There’s also the option to upgrade to a ProGrip, which uses a clamp mounting system if you’d rather not deal with magnets, with the addition of a cold shoe extension, larger 6400mAh battery, and 15W wireless charging versus the SnapGrip’s 5W charging speed.

If you regularly find yourself shooting videos/vlogging in low light conditions, there’s also the optional SnapLight — an LED ring light which attaches to the grip’s rear magnet, easily flipping open and closed as you see fit. Lastly, there’s the SnapPod tripod, which also magnetically attaches to the grip, providing a compact tripod solution that can also be extended for use as a selfie stick.

Available on Kickstarter in five rather fetching colours with an estimated delivery date of August 2022, prices start from as low as US$63 for a single SnapGrip, and jump all the way up to US$229 if you fancy a bundle with a bag and extra lenses thrown in for good measure.