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Sony’s super-sized Xperia XA2 Plus goes all out on style

Plus-sized models never looked snazzier

Smartphone companies have been offering super-sized upgrades almost as long as McDonalds now, but Sony’s really gone mad with going large following the reveal of the Xperia XA2 Plus; a bigger and more spec-crammed version of their mid-range handset. The odd thing here, though, is Sony’s XA2 Ultra already satisfies the need for a stretched-out smartphone, so what’s the deal? Well, the XA2 Plus is the first mid-range Sony phone to get a 18:9 screen, while it’s also shaved down the bezels and lost a few grams to keep up with the 2018 fashion. And while the Plus loses out on a front-facing dual-camera setup like the Ultra’s, it instead gains Sony’s High-Resolution audio and upscaling technology, so audio quality sounds better than ever when played through wireless speakers or headphones. Admittedly, there’s not many other differences between the Ultra and Plus elsewhere, as they both share a 6in Full HD display, Snapdragon 630 processor and Google Oreo operating system. But still, if you’re happy to sacrifice selfie quality for a sleeker design and vamped-up audio powers, the XA2 Plus may just be for you – although there’s no word on price or release date, so you’re likely going to be waiting a while.