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Witt Etna Rotante makes spin and crispy pizzas

Just don't put any pineapple on them or the Italians will come for you

An orange Witt Etna Rotante pizza oven with the burner lit

If you know your cornicione from your caciocavallo you probably wouldn’t touch a Domino’s pizza with Papa John’s bargepole, but the Witt Etna Rotante oven ensures you never need to.

The clue to the Etna Rotante’s party piece is in the name. Its pizza stone, which is big enough to accommodate bases up to 16in in diameter, slowly rotates like a turntable playing a doughy record, so your Margheritas will always be cooked evenly, with a nice crispy bottom and restaurant-style leopard spots on the crust.

There are two burners inside the double-insulated oven: a U-shaped main one plus a booster underneath the pizza stone, which combine to heat things up to a temperature of 500º in just 15 minutes. That should give you plenty of time to choose your toppings, so when you’re ready to stick your dinner in it’ll be cooked in as little as 60 seconds.

The stone mechanism and ignition system are powered by AA batteries, but you’ll need a gas cylinder to feed the burners, which makes the Etna Rotante strictly an al fresco bit of kit. That means the whole thing is weatherproof, which is handy if the heavens open while you’ve got a quattro formaggi on the go, plus it’s available in four matte finishes – graphite, stone, black and orange – so you can get one that matches the barbecue.

The Witt Etna Rotante is available now for £699, which is only slightly more than a couple of large Domino’s.

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