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128GB iPad and iPod Touch incoming?

A new iPad and iPod Touch could soon be hitting the shelves armed with some whopping storage skills

We recently reported the imminent death of the iPod Classic, and now it looks like its 128GB iPod Touch replacement is coming, along with a 4th Gen iPad sporting the same capacity.

Reports of a 128GB device coming to the Apple range began after coders found it mentioned in iOS 6.1 and iTunes 11 software. So, with the iPod Classic reaching the end of its life, and the 9.7in iPad’s throne being attacked by the 128GB Microsoft Surface and 256GB Razor Edge Pro tablets, this seems like a logical move by Apple.

We squirm at the thought of how much Apple will be price-tagging these large storage, presumably SSD toting, gadgets. But, with iOS 6.1 due anyday now, we’d recommend you start looking for something to break that piggy bank open with right away.

[via 9to5mac]

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