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With 20 buttons, Logitech’s G600 is more keyboard than mouse

If you're looking for a mouse with lots of buttons and fancy lights, then hunt no longer – your search is over

Logitech has revealed a button-riddled G600 MMO gaming mouse which features a total of 20 buttons – including a cluster of 12 on its side.

The buttons in question are pre-programmed by default, but l337 gamers can customise them with whichever functions and complicated macros their hearts desire.

In addition to a G-Shift control which doubles the functionality for each key, the G600 also has its own memory, so you won’t be faffing around with drivers or re-calibrating your settings from rig to rig.

Finally (and perhaps most importantly), all of the buttons can be set to glow to a plethora of different hues, thanks to LED backlighting. A 6.5ft cloth-wrapped cable signs off the spec list, along with adjustable DPI for on-the-fly tweaking.

Whether it’s World of Warcraft or Battlefield 3, you’ll never be left wanting for a button again – if you want to get clicking, the G600 is available in black or white from early July, when you can add it to your gaming arsenal for £70.

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