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5 of the best bachelor pad gear

Can objects be geeky as well as stylish? You bet they can

Nintendo wall graphics

£72, notonthehighstreet.com 

Envelop yourself with childhood memories whilst simultaneously adding some colour to break up the monotony with these vinyl Mario wall stickers. They can be rearranged as many times as you see fit, ensuring that you never get bored of your encapsulated cube of nostalgia.

Ctrl Alt Del cup set

£7.35, bestofferbuy.com 

Sometimes our lives get bogged down in too many tasks and we become sluggish and unproductive. Save yourself from a total system crash and reboot with some coffee, delivered in this geektastic cup set, cleverly crafted to resemble the Windows ‘pinch of death’ manoeuvre.

QlockTwo digital clock

£795, ikonicdesignstudio.co.uk 

We admit that spending nearly £800 on a wall-hanging timepiece is rather extravagant, but the allure of this cleverly simplistic clock is its minimalism. Spelling out the time with actual words at five minute intervals ensures that confusing roman numerals and pesky numbers are kept at bay.

Canon 24-105mm f/4 L pillow

US$82, plushtography.com 

Lying back on a camera lens sounds uncomfortable and expensive but the folks over at plushtography have found a solution. These detailed plush lens replica pillows are an answer to a problem that never existed, but that doesn’t stop them from oozing out cool from every stitch.

555 footstool

£N/A, evilmadscientist.com 

Unfortunately for us all, this quirky 555 8-pin chip replica footstall is a custom-made affair and is currently not for sale, which is a shame as it would be the perfect accompaniment to any serious geek’s living room. You could always follow suit and make your own, or keep your fingers crossed for a retail version, which is what we’re betting on.