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5 of the best – waterfight weapons

It's now officially waterfight season. Prepare your troops for victory with these devastating water warfare firearms

He’s been rooting around in his wardrobe for a while, but the sun has finally put his hat on. This can only mean one thing – it’s time to organise a waterfight. You could dust off your old garage arsenal, but if you’re going to surprise the enemy and be the soaker rather than the soakee, you need keep up with the latest advances in water warfare. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the five best…


£20, red5.co.uk

The aptly-named Saturator releases four water blasts every second until your water supply is depleted, with the motorised pump adding extra sound effects. Any soaking is best preceded by a ‘say hello to my leedle friend’, for added humiliation. 


X2 Blaster

£10, play.com

Don’t be fooled by the diminutive appearance of the X2. Its ability to fire a steady stream of H2O over 20 feet is pleasing enough, but you can also whip out one of its water-laden foam darts for a more focused drenching.

Supersoaker Tornado Strike

£25, firebox.com 

We were initially put off by this gun’s melodramatic name, but after some satisfying blasting decided to forgive it. Use the pump action for power then unleash the spinning twin jet of water. If you’re far away from the kitchen tap, emergency refill clips are also available for £5.

Wild Sling

£13, prezzybox.co.uk

Battlefield formations are crucial in warfights and behind the infantry serious water warmongers should position the heavy guns – the water balloonists. Load up the sling with ammo and, with some effort, you can launch these supreme drenchers over 100 feet to create a devastating, watery creeping barrage.

Super Soaker Scatter Blast

£13, toysrus.co.uk

Why bother with all this taking aim nonsense when you just point the Scatter Blast in the general direction of your enemy and pull the trigger. Five streams of water exit the business end so you’re unlikely to miss – in fact, by covering a wider area you’ll likely suck complete strangers into your battle.

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