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Amazon is rolling out a totally redesigned Prime Video to your telly

The new Prime Video looks... actually useable with a new interface that boasts less clutter and easier navigation.

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As the streaming wars look to be moving towards which platforms you should cancel rather than join, it’s vital to keep users happy. While Prime Video is one of the oldest streaming sites, the platform’s UI always left much to be desired (to put it nicely). But with a total redesign, Amazon is grabbing viewers’ attention.

Amazon announced that it is beginning to roll out a new version of Prime Video this week and into August. Now this isn’t any old update, this features a total redesign of the streaming platform. The navigation menu is newly streamlined, categories are easier to explore, and everything’s a lot less clunky. 2022 looks good on you, Prime Video.

Prime Video: Reloaded – What’s new in the revamp?

Navigation in the app is made easier, with the menu buttons shifted to the side. Anyone that uses Netflix will find this placement familiar. Alongside the shift, the options have been simplified, with fewer buttons and more advanced sub-menus. The Find page has been revamped to make it easier to find new shows. You’ll see suggestions in real-time, and Amazon’s added filters to sort through your options.

The new look continues with more immersive visuals. You’ll find a new colour palette, better imagery, and the attention to detail the app desperately needed. Amazon has thrown in more clearly marked content, solving a common bug bear among subscribers. It’s now even easier to tell which content is available for Prime members or requires extra shelling out.

Other changes include a new Sport menu on the home page, allowing you to jump into sports content more easily. There’s also a Live TV page for you to keep up with what’s on now. To top it all off, you’ll find new carousels with broader categories, making it easier to browse content.

As we mentioned, Amazon is beginning to roll out the update now, and it’ll continue to the start of August. The new look is headed to your living room first, with all streaming devices, Android gadgets, and smart TVs under the sun set for the upgrade. Then, it’ll be rolling out to the web and iOS later this year. And if you listen carefully, you’ll even hear that Alexa is a little more chipper about playing stuff on Prime Video. Or maybe that’s the heat.

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