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Get 3 months of Audible audiobooks for 99p

Get to audiobook heaven

You pay 99p for the first month, while the second and third months are free. Once those three months are over, Audible will cost you £7.99 a month thereafter.

An audible subscription gets you access to over a million audiobooks and access to thousands of Audible Original titles and podcasts. You can also download and keep one title a month.

The service offers many new releases in addition to old favourites and, as you’d expect, it’s really easy to search for anything. You can listen on pretty much any device using the various Audible apps for iOS and Android, while Audible plays very nicely with Echo smart speakers and other Alexa-supporting devices as you’d expect.

The speed of the playback can be changed depending on what you’d like, too, so if you want to take things at a slower (or faster!) pace you can do that.

The 99p deal is available to new customers only – check it out.

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