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Bethesda trials Kinect-controlled Skyrim

Motion-controlled Skyrim has only been done by developers so far but it could be coming to a PC and console near you soon. Fus Ro Dah!

Skyrim is awesome, that can’t be argued, Kinect can be hit and miss for games but it’s certainly an excellent piece of technology. So what happens when you combine the two?

The game’s creators at Bethesda Softworks were wondering too – and at a recent internal game jam, developers used the Microsoft peripheral to control Dragon Shouts.

The game jam is an annual event at Bethesda, where staff are given a week to create anything they want on the company’s dime – this year, they had to create something for the world of Skyrim.

Among the add-ons that Bethesda’s developers created for Skyrim were dragon mounts, a werewolf skill tree, the ability to build your own home and adopt children, and a giant mudcrab. We’re still most excited about the opportunity to shout “Fus Ro Dah!” at our Xbox, though.

At the moment Todd Howard, creative director for Bethesda Game Studios, isn’t sure which of these add-ons will be included in future Skyrim releases or DLC, but he did say that some should appear. We’re already preparing real world Nord costumes and clearing breakables out of the lounge in preparation.

The Skyrim Creation Kit was released this week and PC users the world over are now free to mod the game to their heart’s content. So what’re you planning to make? Let us know on Twitter.

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