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BMW i Pedelec electric folding bike revealed

To celebrate the BWM iStore in London those German brains have unleashed a two wheeled triumph

BMW has stepped into the folding bike and electric bike arenas with one mighty lunge thanks to the BMW i Pedelec. This concept bike, 200 of which were made for testing in Olympics traffic, was unveiled at the recently opened BMW iStore in London.

The i Pedelec is a 3-speed folding bike that uses an electric motor to assist your pedal powers for up to 16mph, sweat-free. And with a charge time of only one and a half hours you don’t have to worry about running out of juice before the 25 mile range is reached.

Another cool feature of this concept is that two of them can be slotted into the back of a BMW i3 concept car, where they can be charged from its battery. But with active regenerative charging while cruising downhill on the i Pedelec it’ll be a longtime before you even need more juice. If this gets past a concept we’ll let you know, in the meantime check out Audi’s 50mph bike and our Specialized Turbo video ride for your electric bicycle fix.

[via Designboom]

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