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Buhel announces G33 Intercom speakgoggles

These nifty ski goggles will let your friends hear your cries of anguish after introducing your face to a misplaced fur tree

Buhel has announced a new pair of G33 Speakgoggles which feature a fancy nasal bone conduction microphone and Bluetooth, allowing you and your fellow snow carvers to natter away to each other on the slopes (or call for help after a wipeout).

A 1,600ft range and ten hours of talk time should offer plenty flexibility and juice for all but the most arduous of runs, and wireless audio streaming will let you provide all the musical motivation needed for landing that 360 triple backflip.

There’s no word on pricing or a release date as of yet, but you can still satisfy your snow gear appetite by checking out our 5 of the best snow gear from the Sia Snow Show.

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