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Carbon neutral Toshiba laptops

A donation of £1.18 will assuage your conscience when you buy a Toshiba laptop.With the extra bit of pocket change on top of the cost of your ne

With the extra bit of pocket change on top of the cost of your new lappy, Tosh will pay carbon offsetting experts co2balance to plant trees in Cumbria to offset the carbon produced during manufacture.

It seems computer manufacturers have all caught the green bug, what with the announcement of the Asus Ecobook earlier this year. 

You don’t need to buy a laptop to donate dosh for your offset, just go straight to Tosh’s UK site and give greenly.  Or add to your shopping cart when buying a lovely new lappy like the X200 pictured. 

If we offset the carbon spew at Stuff Towers in the same way, we’d be working in the treetops of a forest half the size of South London. Look out for the special tree planters supplement coming soon. 


Toshiba Carbon Offset

Price: £1.18

Contact: Toshiba

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