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Feeling peckish? Why not munch on this edible lamp?

You know that old saying - I'm so hungry I could eat a lamp? Well.. wait, no, that's not right...

We have a list here at Stuff Towers which contains all the things that we’ve come across over the years that don’t need to exist, and this edible table lamp is certainly one of them.

Forged from biodegradable plastic made from an agar and vegetable glycerin mix (yummy), the LED lamp’s four colours lend it different flavours with which to tantalise adventurous taste buds – Orange, cherry, apple and blueberry are all present and accounted for.

Simply soak the lamp in water for an hour after removing its electrical components and you’ll be treated to a Gummy Bear-like slab of chewy tabletop accessory goodness.

We’re sure that it’s creator Victor Vetterlein will understand if we choose to decline from having a bite however. We’re already full up from our edible headphones you see.

[via Gizmodo]

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