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Flip Mino HD gets more features with “premium” edition

UPDATE: We've just had word from Play.com that the Flip Mino HD premium edition should be hitting the UK by March, but no pricing has been confirmed a

Flip Video has taken action on the introduction of the the camera-packing iPod nano by adding more features to its Mino HD in a “premium” edition shown off in the States.

There’s now 8GB of storage for up to 2 hours of 720p HD camera footage, a bumped up screen from 1.5-inches to 2-inches and an HDMI port for hooking it up to your HDTV and watching your high-def masterpieces on the big screen.

There is also a new version of the FlipShare software with an automatic Magic Movie mode that will edit and trim your footage before firing it up to your social networking site of choice.

In the States it’s going to hit the shelves for $30 more than the original Mino HD, which will remain on sale, but we’re still waiting for word on if we’ll be getting it this side of the pond.

We’ll keep you updated, but in the meantime check out what we thought to the original Mino HD in our full review and hands on video.

Via: Engadget