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Get internet radio on your Nokia N95

As if its massive music-download service and 8GB of space to fill up how you choose isn’t enough, Nokia is opening up planet Earth’s inter

A new app, simply downloaded on to your compatible Nokia handset, will open up the world of digital radio to your mobile ears.

Naturally, with the gazillion or so stations on offer, sifting through them would be a neck-pain, right? No, probably not.

Top features of the Internet Radio app are hourly updates of the top ten most popular stations, and easy-to-use search functions sorting out stations by name, genre, country or language. But not quality, that’s for you to decide.

Once you find the ones you like you can stick them in your favourites folder and never have to worry about searching for it again. Rock on Radio South Shields Goth and Alternative Gregorian chant 106.5!

Nokia’s Internet Radio app is, for the time being, we’re promised, only available for the Nokia N82, N91, N95 and N95 8GB. But those clever bods at Nokia will be shoving it into all its new handsets.

Download it now at Nokia Europe.


Nokia Internet Radio

Price: £free

On sale: Out Now

Contact: Nokia