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Giant digital clock made up of 288 analogue clocks blows our minds

Yo dawg, we heard you liked clocks so we put clocks in your clock so you can clock while you clock

Like clocks? Can’t make up your mind between analogue and digital? Then this gigantic wall installation courtesy of engineer David Cox and ‘humans since 1982’ design studios is the perfect solution to your very unique dilemma.

Called ‘A million times’, the installation consists of 288 analogue clocks  that are perfectly synchronised to combine and display the time in large digital numbers.

Crafted from aluminium and controlled with custom iPad software, it’s just the type of classy wall hanger we’re looking for here at Stuff HQ. Sadly pricing is only available on request, which normally means you’ll need very deep pockets indeed to get anywhere.

Still, the video below showing the glorious time-teller in action is completely free, so sit back, relax and watch time do its thing.


[humanssince1982 via Gizmodo]

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