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Google TV is coming to Europe in September

It looks like Androids in your telly and Google apps on your screen will come soon, but not for cheap

Google TV, already making waves in the US, may finally be landing on UK shores this September in the form of Sony set-top boxes. This comes from Sony’s marketing director for France, and even includes pricing.

Yes, like America, Europe too shall suffer overpricing with a basic set-top box made by Sony costing around €200, and a Blu-ray version at €300. Both will feature a Google Play button on the remote to grant quick access to Google’s apps, films, games and music store. It also will come packing Sony’s Music Unlimited. Our favourite Google TV feature is On Live, which makes the price seem a little less steep as you’re kind of buying a console too.

Google did promise to bring its devices to its eager European fans in 2012 and it looks like it will deliver. We just hope the plans to switch from Intel to ARM processors, to bring the cost down, will happen before this pricey booty washes up on English shores.

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