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Icon – Sharp Elite Pro TV

Sharp calls your TV boring and ugly and wants to know what you're going to do about it

A stealth UFO?

Nope – a TV. And not just any TV. Sharp’s thinks its new Elite Pro LCD panel is so good, it’s not even putting it’s name on it. Partly because it’s enlisted the help of pet company Pioneer to crank up the performance.

A stealth UFO with good marketing then?

A bit. But there is intelligent variable contrast (regional LED backlighting) and a whole extra colour.

Don’t tell me… it’s terracotta. No, fuchsia…

Yellow, actually. As well as the usual red, green and blue (RGB) pixels, the Elite Pro has yellow pixels, too (RGB+Y). Sharp reckons the visible effect on the eight million-pixel display is transformative.

I reckon it’s expensive

And, for once, you’re right. The 60in Elite Pro-60X5FD is £3,700 and the 70in Elite Pro-70X5FD will cost you a tidy £4,900. But you and your yellow subpixels will be the envy of your friends.