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Jedi is the most popular alternative religion in the UK

Don your robes and light your saber for you, young padawan, are not alone in the universe – or even the UK

While the Devil might be dancing as the number of religious people in the 2011 UK census shows a drop – Darth Vader is quaking in his space boots as Jedi is proclaimed the most popular alternative religion. In fact it’s the seventh most popular overall in the UK – that’s 176,632 Jedi in opposition to the Empire.

Despite being 35 years old Star Wars is still going strong with the recent Angry Birds Star Wars game, confirmation of three new Star Wars films, and a constant influx of new Star Wars games. But if all that isn’t quite enough, join the UK Jedi Knights by heading over to the Temple of The Jedi Order and registering now. May the force be with you.

[via Telegraph]

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