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Listen to Nirvana on a 3D printed vinyl record

Press print, put the needle on the record, and dance away. Science be praised

It might sound like you’re listening to it submerged underwater with silly putty stuffed in your ears, but we’re still more than impressed with Instructables’ Amanda Ghassaei’s vinyl records which were forged with a 3D printer.

Created with a beefy 600dpi 3D printer, the 33rpm records feature songs from the likes of Nirvana, Joy Division and Radiohead at a rather underwhelming 11khz – a far lower quality than even the tinniest-sounding MP3 files.

But quality at this stage isn’t the point. The important thing is that it works and that things can only get better from here. Just remember that with great 3D printing technology comes great responsibility. You wouldn’t download a car after all now, would you?

[Instructables via The Verge]

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