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Microsoft SkyDrive gets new features

The Software giant's big storage space in the sky gets a welcome update

Microsoft has released an update for its Windows and Mac SkyDrive software, which includes a number of handy upgrades to the service.

The most useful feature is the ability to access photos stored on your Pictures folder, regardless of how many terabytes you may have filed away or what format they’re in. Users can try out this service on Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 Release preview, which is set for an early June release.

Microsoft has also increased the maximum number of files allowed in SkyDrive folders from 150,000 to a whopping 10 million. Folders will also update more quickly when changes on multiple devices are made, which will compliment the extra storage (7GB total)  recently added to SkyDrive.

Good news then for chronic photo hoarders, who can show off their collection of snaps when they’re out and about looking for inspiration.

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