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New Raspberry Pi B+ arrives at same price as the board it replaces

Berry nice! The world’s premier cheap, compact computer just got an overhaul

Fans of tiny little computers that cost less than a dinner for two at Nando’s rejoice! There’s a new Raspberry Pi! And it’s called the B+!

Well, it’s probably an exaggeration to call the Raspberry Pi B+ “new”, because it’s more an evolution of the previous model, the Raspberry Pi B (you can read our review of that one here): it uses the same BCM2835 processor and has the same 512MB of RAM, but a number of exciting changes have been made in other areas.

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Power consumption has been cut by 30 percent to between 0.5W and 1W; the card slot is now push-push micro SD rather than friction-based full-size SD; audio has been improved courtesy of a dedicated low-noise power supply; the number of USB 2.0 ports has been doubled to four; the GPIO header now has 40 pins rather than 26 (which means you can use the B+ to control more real-world objects like LEDs); and the design has been tweaked to make it neater and its connections better placed while keeping the same tiny form factor.

That’s a significant number of tweaks, but the guys at Raspberry Pi are keen to point out that this isn’t a “Raspberry Pi 2” but a perfected final form of the Model B. The good news is that, despite the improvements, the price remains the same: a mere £26 ($35 in the US). You can buy the Raspberry Pi B+ online here or here.

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