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O2 Xda goes Stellar

For some, the iPhone ain’t all that. Sure it’s flashy and fancy and will make even your fish say ‘wow’ but what about when it

The new Xda Stellar is basically an O2 branded version of HTC’s ridiculously named TyTN II (pictured) which means it’s packed of handy stuff – a tilting touchscreen, slide-out QWERTY keyboard and Windows Mobile 6 for doing all those office things when there’s not a water cooler or meeting room for miles.

In general it’s a lot more office-friendly than Apple’s hallowed iDog ‘n’ Bone – there’s video calling and a business card reader along with now standard smartphone features like 3G, Wi-Fi and BlackBerry Connect compatibility.

The second it leaves the office the Stellar whips out a 3MP camera and built-in GPS with CoPilot Live 7 software making it more than just an accessory to your daily pen pushing. That serious-looking suit is stuck though, sadly.

The O2 Xda Stellar blasts off into shops today with our favourite price of ‘free’ attached. As long as you sign up to a hefty enough contract of course – there’s always a catch.


O2 Xda Stellar

Price: from £free

On sale: Now

Contact: O2

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