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Omnivision’s CameraChip for phones shoots 12.7MP snaps at 24fps

60fps 1080p video and 24fps 12.7MP photos in a 3mm thin package? That'll do nicely

OmniVision has taken the wraps off a new 12.7MP image sensor designed for smartphones and high-end tablets.

The OV12830 is no bigger than a current-gen 8MP camera sensor, at 8.5×8.5mm, and will snap 12.7MP images at 24fps in burst mode. It’ll also shoot 10MP images at 30fps, and can record 1080p video at 60fps.

OmniVision provided the sensor for Apple’s new iPad and the iPhone 4, though it lost out to a Sony image sensor in the iPhone 4S. The OV12830 most likely won’t find its way into the iPhone 5 either – the sensor only goes into production in late 2012, so will likely be included in 2013’s line-up of phones.

Okay, it’s not quite as impressive as OmniVision’s 4K, 16MP sensor unveiled earlier in the week – but it looks like the era of sub-10MP smartphone cameras is coming to an end.

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