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PC and console gamers can save 50% on Steelseries headsets

Prime day bargains also include mice and keyboards

Steelseries Prime Day deals

Whether you need pinpoint precision to track down an enemy team by their sound cues in a tense multiplayer match, or simply want to drown out your housemates while you get your game on in peace, a gaming headset is the way to go. Top-tier wireless models don’t come cheap – except on Prime Day, when they’re going for a song. Steelseries is leading the way with big discounts on its most popular models. Our two pics are the Arctis 7+ and Arctis 9X.

The Arctis 7+ ships with a multi-platform USB-C dongle that’ll let it play nicely with PS5, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac and Android devices, plus it has a USB-A adapter to use on PS4s. So whatever your platform of choice, you’ll get low-latency 2.4GHz wireless sound. The Arctis 7+ first launched at £175, but is available for £99 during Prime Day – that’s a 43% saving.

It supports 7.1 virtual surround sound on PC and Tempest 3D Audio on PS5, and manages up to 30 hours of battery life per charge so you shouldn’t ever run short mid-game. The built-in boom mic will keep you in constant contact with your clanmates in team games, and the ski goggle-style headband will keep you comfortable even after an extended play session.

Xbox owners will want to check out the Arctis 9x instead. Because Microsoft has locked down its console to third-party wireless accessories, you need a certified headset to avoid messing around with dongles or cables. The Arctis 9X does just that, with native Xbox support along with Bluetooth connectivity for your other gadgets. It’ll even do simultaneous audio, for listening to music or taking calls from a smartphone while gaming.

You should expect up to 20 hours of battery life, and crystal clear audio from the built-in boom mic. The ski-goggle headband has been given a subtle Xbox-inspired makeover, and it’ll charge over USB direct from the console to free up a plug socket. It originally retailed for £195, but is available during Prime Day for £95 – a 51% price slash.

PC players will also want to check out the big discounts on Steelseries’ gaming mice and keyboard lines. Our favourite is the Apex 9 Mini, a 60% form factor mechanical ‘board with swappable optical switches – very handy for repairs or upgrades later down the line. The 60% size lops off the numerical keypad, arrow keys and navigation/utility keys in order to keep the amount of desk space it takes up to a minimum.

The entire board is RGB backlit, with customisable effects through Steelseries’ PC software, and the detachable USB-C cable eliminates another possible point of failure – just swap it out for a new one should it fail. With a bit of TLC, it could be the last keyboard you ever buy.

Normally you’d pay £130 to get one on your desk, but it’s 34% off for Prime Day, meaning it’ll only set you back £85.49.

Naturally you’re going to need a gaming mouse to go with it, and the Aerox 3 Wireless is a very worthy contender. At 68g it’s seriously lightweight, making it perfect for desk-spanning flickshots in frantic FPS games, and the built-in battery is good for 200 hours of play before it needs topping up. There’s Bluetooth as well as 2.4GHz wireless for swapping between a PC and other gadgets, and is even IP54 splash resistant in case you’re careless with any drinks near your desktop.

On Amazon UK the one-time £100 mouse is available for £57, a 43% saving over retail. Amazon US customers would normally have to pay $100, but can snap it up for $69.49 – a 31% reduction.

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