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Peloton launches a heart-rate sensor for your arm

Less hassle than the existing chest strap

When you hear the name Peloton, your mind instantly goes to the smart exercise bike for your home. But the company does a lot more than that. Peloton’s latest release is a new heart rate sensor, but for your arm.

Named the Peloton Heart Rate Band, this band straps on to your arm and then measures your heart rate while exercising. It’ll retail for $90 in the US, or £80 here in the UK. The device strap is made from fabric, while the tech is housed in a plastic shield.

The band uses Bluetooth to send measurements back to Peloton’s app, where you’ll be able to check up on your stats and performance. As a nice touch, the armband also includes five LED light indicators, which can show you which zone your heart rate is currently in.

Currently, Peloton offers a chest strap for heart rate monitoring, which the new Heart Rate Band will replace. You can see why an armband would be better, as it’s far less clunky to wear. It’s no surprise you want to avoid unnecessary bulk when exercising.

However, it’s possible the armband will be slightly less accurate than the chest strap. That’s because the armband uses optical sensors that emit light to measure your heart rate, just like a smartwatch. The chest strap uses electrical signals, which is what medical professionals use, and is much more accurate. Still, a slight decrease in accuracy seems like a worthy trade-off for a much-improved form factor.

You’ll be able to use Peloton’s new heart rate armband for exercise on Peloton’s machines, or its app-based workouts. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the armband with any other fitness apps or equipment, in an Apple Watch fashion.

This is because the new wearable is lacking ANT+, which is essentially a dedicated Bluetooth for fitness gear. As the device only packs Bluetooth, it’ll only be able to sync with Peloton’s app and equipment.