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PhoneJoy gamepad turns your phone into a portable console

It's not the first mobile game controller by any means, but a few nifty features make the PhoneJoy a Kickstarter project to look out for

With the GamePad, iCade and Nyko PlayPad among others crowding up the gamepad arena, you’d think there’d be little room left for a new contender. But the PhoneJoy Play has a couple of cunning tricks up its sleeve to ensure a decent fight.

At first glance, the KickStarter project looks like a fat, stubby controller with programmable PlayStation-esque buttons, but delve a little deeper and you can see the PhoneJoy’s secret: it extends out, accommodating just about any iOS or Android device in the process.

What this means is, apart from playing nice with almost all of the most popular smartphones on the market, it can fit comfortably into a pocket once your Bad Piggies session is over. Not only that, the PhoneJoy also doubles up as a standalone controller for use on PC or Macs and comes equipped with a 20 hour battery life. All you need to do is install the PhoneJoy app, find a compatible game and mobile gaming nirvana is yours for the taking.

Although it isn’t in the shops yet, backing US$50 will secure you a white PhoneJoy Play – assuming the US$50,000 KickStarter total is reached.

[via KickStarter]

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