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Pioneer outs flagship BDP-LX91 Blu–Ray player

Pioneer isn't shy about turning out high–end goodies to turn your front room into a gadget geeks paradise. And their new Blu–Ray player, b

Packing BD Live tech, the BDP-LX91 is sure to make your HD discs look event sharper than before. Under the sleek black bod’, you’ll find a 16–bit video engine for ‘impeccable decoding’, as well as 7.1 Dolby TrueHD and dual HDMI outputs.

Pioneer’s also touting it as the ultimate way to listen to your CDs too, with jitter–free playback and a dedicated power supply for the analogue audio board.

Obviously, they reckon you should pair it up with a Kuro TV just to make sure it plays exactly as intended. And if you’ve got that kind of cash sitting around doing nowt, who are we to argue.

The BDP-LX91 will hit shelves later this month for £1.500.


Pioneer BDP-LX91

Price: £1,500

On sale: January

Contact: Pioneer