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Polar RCX3 GPS heart rate monitor watch unveiled

Why shell out for a personal trainer who shouts at you when you can wear a subtle one on your wrist?

Polar has just announced the RCX3 GPS heart rate monitor watch. This is exciting because Polar is good at making training kit already, and this looks like a great step towards simpler personal training.

The huge screen lets you display a selection of your favourite figures while running , cycling, or whatever it is you want to track with GPS accuracy, while also measuring your heart rate. The watch then gives you a quick readout of your efforts after exercise so you know how to improve – with more detailed data and planning awaiting you on the Polar Personal Trainer website. It even shows your recovery timings as a means to clarify how hard you worked, or didn’t.

The latest GPS tracker (which can go on the arm strap or in a pocket or bag) weighs only 18g and is the size of a lighter. But the best part is that its 20-hour battery can be charged via USB, meaning the separate watch can carry on working for months.

The Polar RCX3 will be out later this month and will cost £260 including the GPS attachment and heart rate strap.

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