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This is RIM’s new smartphone, the BlackBerry Z10

Leaked press shots all but confirm what the new touchscreen BlackBerry will look like come its reveal on Wednesday

The not-so-secret BlackBerry Z10 is all set to be officially unveiled on stage next Wednesday, but that hasn’t stopped Twitter user evleaks from sharing what appear to be genuine press shots of the first BlackBerry 10 device, the  BlackBerry Z10.

The images of the BlackBerry Z10 match up with previously leaked images, and we’re rather taken with the simple design and slightly angled curves. And yes, it comes in white.

We’ve already wrapped our hands not once, but twice around RIM’s new BB10 OS which, coupled with what appears to be rather solid hardware, could be the rejuvenation that BlackBerry so desperately needs.

Stay tuned for all the launch details next Wednesday where we’ll get the full lowdown.

[evleaks via Gizmodo]

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