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Rumour: Samsung ‘Galaxy Mega’ devices will dwarf the Note

Interweb rumours suggest Samsung is going to release two new smartphones with giant displays under the newly created Galaxy Mega brand

Samsung was obviously not quite content with the sizable Galaxy Note 2 – it’s launching two new Galaxy Mega phones with even bigger displays.

According to SamMobile‘s anonymous tipster, Samsung has two new devices up its sleeves that will fall under the new Galaxy Mega banner. The first is the Galaxy Mega 5.8 (named GT-19152), a smartphone with a 5.8in display, while the second is called the Galaxy Mega 6.3 (named GT-19200).

Let’s think about that for a second. If the rumours are true, Samsung’s future Galaxy Note equivalent will have a hefty 6.3in display likely of the full 1080p variety – that’s dangerously close to the Nexus 7 and Samsung’s own Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet – the latter of which features 3G and is capable of making voice calls. At what point does a phone become a tablet?

Regardless, it looks like plus-sized phones are here to stay, with the Galaxy Note and its successor along with the 6.1in Huawei Ascend Mate already gracing the (giant) pockets of fans around the world.

The Galaxy Mega 5.8 will come in white and will be available “in week 22” and the Galaxy Mega 6.3, which will come in black and white, will be available three weeks later. That’s late May/June ─ assuming the devices come to the UK.

[SamMobile via Dvice]

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