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Save £400+ on a brand-new 4K LG OLED TV model this Prime Day

This Prime Day, score over £400 in savings on one of the latest LG OLED tellies. With two sizes and 4K quality, it's a deal to grab!

The Prime Day deals are heating up (unlike the forecasts today), and at the top of many shoppers’ lists for bargains is a new telly. We’ve seen a few TV deals cropping up, with some OLEDs even getting price reductions. And LG, one of the best OLED telly manufacturers around, has a top OLED deal in the UK. Even better, the deal covers two sizes of the telly

This deal means you can score a whopping 32% off the 55-inch OLED. Or, you can grab a still respectable 24% off the 65-inch model. It’s pretty rare that we see such flexibility in deals, so LG‘s A2 OLED deal is certainly one to watch this Amazon Prime Day.

If you nab the LG A2 OLED, you get a brand-new telly that was released this year. That means it’s got the latest hardware and all the latest software features. And since it’s an OLED, you’ll benefit from perfect, inky blacks, sharp colours, and vivid contrast.

With the LG A2, you can expect either a 55-inch or 65-inch telly, with 4K resolution. This TV fully supports Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision for immersive audio and UHD content. Running the latest webOS 22, you’ll get all the latest features, and every streaming service you can shake a stick at. LG’s α7 Gen 5 processor brings AI image processing to this affordable OLED, offering advance picture features. There are 3 HDMI ports and 2 for USB, so you can hook up all the gear you need to.

The 55-incher definitely offers the best bang for your buck in this LG OLED Prime Day deal. The TV will offer fantastic picture quality for everything you watch. And if you do need to size up, there’s still a deal for you!