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Scent capturing printer could make for some interesting postcards

Forget 3D printing. The future could see you printing smells directly onto paper. Delicious-smelling recipe books, here we come...

Chinese designer Li Jingxuan has created a scent capturing printer concept for Sony which has the ability to capture smells before printing them onto paper.

The futuristic system is based around an electronic nose sensor which samples odours before the printer mixes aroma-based inks to create the final smell.

The concept is designed to work with postcards which will emit the smell once a back flap is peeled off, though we wouldn’t want to receive any news from friends visiting a sewage treatment plant anytime soon.

We’re holding out for an even more advanced model which can also print flavoured ink, though you could justifiably argue that at that point, we should just stop being lazy and make ourselves a sandwich.

[via Designboom]

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