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Sony Xperia Z4 leak suggests that the microUSB flap is truly dead

Finally, no more fumbling around in the dark

While we were blessed with the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet at MWC, its Z4 smartphone counterpart was noticeably absent.

Sony’s still keeping its lips pressed firmly together regarding an actual launch date, but a fresh set of leaks has given Android fans something to nibble on for the time being.

The latest information to slip through Sony’s Net of Silence are shots of an allegedly genuine Z4 chassis, which shows off a very similar design to the company’s past Xperia flagships, with a square, ‘Omnibalance design’ clearly visible.

The most interesting change is the absence of the pesky microUSB flap. Although it was necessary for waterproofing past Xperia devices, it made charging a bit of a chore and wasn’t exactly a sleek, streamlined solution.

Thankfully it looks as though the Z4 will take after the freshly unveiled Z4 Tablet and M4 Aqua smartphone by ditching the flap for good and moving it to the bottom of the device, while retaining its waterproof powers.

Pierre Perron, head of Sony Mobile UK & Ireland, told Stuff at MWC that we could expect future waterproof Sony devices to ditch the microUSB flap, although the existence of the Z4 itself was obviously not actually confirmed.

Other changes appear to be a thinner body in general, measuring in at 1mm less than the existing Xperia Z3. The side-mounted magnetic charging pins also appear to have disappeared, providing a sleeker, cleaner look.

That’s the latest we’ve got on the Xperia Z4 for the time being, but we’ll keep you updated with all the latest info ahead of its inevitable launch, so stay tuned.

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