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SwiftKey 4 hits Google Play Store

Our favourite smartphone keyboard gets a higher number attached to its name, with new features to boot

SwiftKey and its freakishly accurate word prediction has been our Android keyboard of choice for quite some time now, which is why we’re happy to see SwiftKey 4 landing in the Google Play Store today.

The latest version of SwiftKey features Flow, which lets you swipe your finger across the keyboard instead of pecking away at individual keys. Even better, you don’t have to lift off between each word. Simply swipe through the space bar in between words and it’ll put the spaces in for you automatically.

It’s a godsend for big-screened smartphone users and makes a real difference when rushing down the high street and churning out a quick text. You can also start tapping away the traditional way without faffing around in the settings.

SwiftKey has also listened to user feedback by improving the corrections on offer. Taping on a word will now move the cursor to the end and offer two alternatives while the keyboard itself can now automatically adapt to your individual typing style for improved predictions.

Head on over to the Google Play Store now where you can pick up SwiftKey 4 for £1.49, or for free if you’re an existing user.