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Tat’z Nail’z fingernail printer puts fashion at your fingertips

The future has arrived. Well, the future of fingernail beautification, anyway…

Remember that nail polish thingamajig that Zorg’s receptionist uses in the Fifth Element? She pops her fingertips in, zaps them with science and out they come, freshly-painted. Well, amongst all the touchscreen tech, giant smartphones, 4K TVs, robots, hand-held gamers, sports gizmos and tablets on the CES show floor, we stumbled across that very device, in the form of the Tatz Nail’z Nail Printer.

Once we’d fought our way past the crowd eagerly awaiting their turn to stick their fingers into what looked like a hand torture device, we took the opportunity to give the Nail Printer a once-over. It isn’t quite as futuristic as its movie counterpart, but this nifty insta-manicure apparatus does pack over 30,000 pre-loaded images to paint onto your fingernails.

Feeling creative or narcissistic? The Tat’z Nail’z inkjet printer has a USB port on the back so you can upload your own images, and with a camera up front you can snap your portrait and whack it on to your fingernails, if you’re feeling particularly vain.

Just choose a design on the touchscreen display, slap on a base coat, stick your finger into the machine, hit print and – a mere two minutes later – remove your perfectly painted nail. Just try not to be put off by the terrifying grinding sound that suggests your finger is about the be shredded. Or the US$10,000 asking price.

Now, could someone hurry up and produce the microwave that turns food pellets into roast dinners?

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